Sunday, 16 January 2011

Free Offers

Free Wine offers for Summer 2011 when dining at Ozzy Oil, San Stefanos, Corfu, Greece.  Click on the FREE Wine offer via their website for full details and conditions of the offer.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Easter In Corfu

We are pleased to be able to offer a fabulous opportunity to all visitors to share Corfu at Easter.  Corfu is popular with Greek families from all over Greece whom visit the island at this fantastic time of the year.  Our great friends at the Hotel Marvel in Arillas will be opening earlier than normal this summer to offer their customers worldwide this wonderful opportunity.  You can contact them on :

Mobility Scooters in Corfu

Having run our website for over a year now, we receive many enquiries for mobility scooter hire in Corfu (North and North West).  So far I have been unable to source a supplier for our customers, if anyone has a contact I would be most interested so we can advise those enquiring.  I have also contacted some companies in UK to see how we could set this up as a reciprocal (advertising) arrangement but so far have not had any replies. We would really like to be able to offer this service to those holidaymakers and travellers coming to Corfu who require this information and service.  If anyone has a contact or knows of a local source we could speak with please let me know.  We do offer wheelechair hire however we would also like to be able to offer mobility scooters as well.  We offer wheelchairs with